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New Patients

Ryan Physical Therapy participates with most insurance companies and managed care plans. All Medicare and HMO plans require a referral for services. Most PPO and some POS plans such as Carefirst do not require a physician referral because physical therapists have direct access in the state of Maryland. It is your responsibility, however, to obtain any necessary referrals and forms. Please contact your primary care physician for the appropriate referral and bring the referral with you on the day of your initial visit. For your convenience, our patient information and HIPAA forms are available on this website for you to download and fill out prior to your initial visit.

Download and Print New Patient / HIPAA Form >>Please bring any pertinent X-Ray, MRI or CAT scan reports related to your condition with you for your first visit. Please obtain these records prior to your appointment. Directions to our office are available on this website.

Patient Education

Patient education is a critical component of recovering from injury or illness. Our therapists will provide you with written material and individual direction related to your problem. It is our firm belief that helping you help yourself will lead you to an optimum recovery. We firmly believe that well-informed patients are better able to participate in their own care and by being better able to see their progress, maintain a high level of motivation.

If you need physical therapy for a problem, you have a choice and the right to attend whatever therapy practice or facility you prefer. Ask your physician, dentist or surgeon to refer you to Ryan Physical Therapy Associates, The Right Choice. Call us at 301-797-4572 to schedule a visit today.

Therapists at Work

1. Transverse friction massage for rotator cuff tendonitis
2. Transverse friction massage for lateral epicondylitis (i.e.- tennis elbow)
3. Transverse friction massage for medial epicondylitis (i.e.- golfers elbow)
4. Manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema
5. Connective tissue mobilization of the hip flexor muscle
6. Patellar mobilization
7. Transverse friction massage for patellar tendonitis
8. Carpal tunnel mobilization
9. Scapular (shoulder blade) mobilization
10. Connective tissue mobilization for the lower back
11. Connective tissue mobilization for the lower back
12. Anterior hip capsule stretch
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