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"After 1 month of treatment, 2 times a week I am pain free. It’s been 2 weeks since my last session and I am experiencing no pain at all thanks to Terry at Ryan Physical Therapy. I would recommend Ryan’s to all of my friends." -DMP

"My experience at Ryan Physical Therapy was a very positive one. My knee is doing much better since the surgery and is on the way to complete recovery. Everyone there, Steve, Danielle, Terry and Becky were all very friendly, kind and professional. I would certainly recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy." -MS

"When I first began my therapy sessions the pain in my legs and feet were excruciating. Since therapy, the pain has subsided in my feet and legs, my balance seems to be a lot better and I have more strength in my legs. I recently purchased a recumbent bike so that I can maintain the strength in my legs and help improve the circulation in my feet and legs. Thank you for all your hospitality and I hope to see you soon." -JS

"My experience was amazing, Rebecca Shank was a really great, amazing and experienced therapist. She treated me like an old friend and that made me feel better quickly. All the front desk people are great and greet you with your first name every time you come in, which is really nice. I would definitely recommend it to everybody that needs physical therapy. Keep up the good work and God bless you all." -MTK

"I came to Ryan Physical Therapy Associates 3 months ago with advanced osteoarthritis. I had limited range of motion in both shoulders but significantly more so in the right shoulder. I live on a small farm where with my condition I wasn't able to get much done. Also with the constant driving back and forth to D.C. only seemed to aggravate it more. But after being treated at this clinic, I'm able to do things I wasn't able to before, like mow some grass with the push mower and even go dancing. The staff here have been very informative in explaining my condition and exhausted every effort to get me to where I am now." -Dave Bowes

"I have had several episodes of back pain from a ruptured disk and I was told by my doctor that if it happened “one more time” I was going to need surgery. Well, it did and I was in a lot of pain and was not able to of anything around the house but I didn’t think I wanted to have surgery. I wasn’t sure about therapy but a friend of mine encouraged me to give Ryan PT a try. Well it worked and they got me back on my feet. I went back to work and pretty much I’m living a pain free life. Now I am retired but I still do my exercises! Anybody I know with back problem I refer to Ryan Physical Therapy!" Thank You, -BRS

"Being involved in golf for the past 40 years of my life, both as a player and a USGA Instructor, the game has given me many years of enjoyment. Over the last few years, I have been relatively injury free. Recently I encountered a serious back injury that required me to stop playing golf competitively and nearly end my career. With five herniated disks in my lower lumbar region, the idea of trying to swing a club was virtuously impossible.

I was told of a "Back to Golf" program handled by Stephen Ryan and his associates at Ryan Physical Therapy. For the past several golf seasons, I have been able to continue my level of competition and instruction all due to the treatment of my injury and the helpful exercise programs that I perform everyday religiously. With his “Back to Golf” treatment, not only have I avoided any further medical treatment (injection therapy, surgery) but also, I am able to continue to play the game I love on an even higher level than before the diagnosis."

Sincerely and truly thankful, Thomas D. Neff - USGA Member

"I was laid up for about 6 months with a back problem and at work they didn’t think that I was ever coming back. I had a disk problem with pain radiating down my leg. I wasn’t even able to walk any distance because the pain was so bad, I couldn’t ride in a car, couldn’t stand, or sit for any length of time. Mr. Ryan and his staff helped me get all the way back. They made me feel at home, gave me hope that I would get better and I did. I have referred many people I know to them and they have all been extremely happy with the care they have received. When I have a problem, I know where to go." -SP

"I was having pain in my neck, shoulders, and down my arm. It just started but I was pretty incapacitated. I wasn’t able to take care of my husband who requires care. Basically I wasn’t able to move and it was wearing me out. Medication wasn’t really helping but my doctor referred me to Ryan PT and things started to improve from there. The staff was very friendly and professional. I know I have arthritis but they showed me things I could do to manage it. I have been pain free for several months now and I am back to walking every day at the mall. I got my life back!" -AD
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